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I have this guitar for at least 30 years, but never found out which brand. Nowadays I believe it could be a Teisco '68 EP-1T, although the neck can't be found on any Teisco I've seen. The brand tag is missing, but the fixing holes are still there, with a distance of 40 mm(or approx. 1,6 inch).

The tremolo, neckplate and the bridge states Japan, also the Cosmos potentiometers (Cosmos Tokyo PR-18).

And they "cheated" with the pu: only half of the housing is filled, it's only a single coil. You can also find additional drawings on the Welcome page!

Another remarkable fact is that the neck is fixed with 5(five) bolts, instead of the usual 4!

OK! Found a S-60 1963 Kawai (who differs from the four Kawai's on the welcome page: this one has a "semi"-set neck (only two hidden bolts and a glued neck)) with the same five-bolt neckplate. So this one must be Kawai/Teisco!
Only the model number to be determinated ....!

This electric carries the brand STAGG, with model "electric guitar"(very original no?). And made in Japan, probably in the 60's (and nothing to do with the new Stagg's overwhelming the market lately?).

Besides the Stagg decall on the head there's also a stamp with: a product of NB. Now my question: does anybody know what NB means? (I presume Nippon B.......)

This guitar is identical to one of the Hudson brand, model- "Super Swinger" (and "special made" on headstock too !)

This ASCO LesPaul copy (currently in restoration; was as dirty as hell!) is one of the three ASCO's I've in my museum: one model 155 acoustic and a Rickenbacker 4001 bass copy. So it seems to me that ASCO only made copy's from well-known brands.

I'm researching this brand from the 70's: does anybody know something (and can tell me) about this brand??

Big news!

Found out yesterday that exactly the same LP-type guitar can also be found on the mid 70's Hondo II. The Hondo II HLPJ-2 has the same 3-in-line pot knobs!

So I assume that the ASCO brand was manufactured at the Samick plant in the mid 70's. I've also found a flyer from 1977 with the LP's & Rickenbacker bass copy's (although not this LP copy).


Wanted (& looking for info about):
I'm looking for a semi-acoustic "Zh" guitar, with aluminium body, as mentioned on CheesyGuitars (Cheesy Guitars - USSR) to complete my collection ... Anyone ... ? ...
Also looking for MONI guitars & bass: solid body SOLO and bass BASSUS and info about them!

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