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Yes yes, here's a real international bunch together: a Korean "Sumer Metal Driver"; a Swedisch Hagström III; a Japanese Rockson "Special Paint"; a Japanese "NoName" Mosrite copy; an American TrueTone (Kay 100 version); a Japanese Broadway; an Italian Wonder US "LP copy"; an Italian Ariston and an Italian Goya "Rangemaster mod 164".

Should hear them tell stories between them...

Hey, a few of the prettiest guitars in the museum! Left a Dynacord "Cora"; in the middle an electric guitar made in Belgium by Kristof in Ekeren, there's only one on this earth!; and at the right one of my favourits: a Samick "KR 664 Plexi" SuperStrat. Behind the plexi you can see "David T. Chastain's World Gone Mad" lp with an plexi Strat-like guitar.
They're hanging in front of me (when I'm working at my workbench) so that I can always look at them. When you enter the museum: those are the guitars you see first !
The "Cora" can also be found (not in my museum ...) gold plated. It's a very rare guitar, special made for Dynacord. Dynacord was a well known amplifier producer in the 60's and 70's, together with Schaller (better known for guitar parts) in Germany. They had some other guitars too, among them a few basses, but where never sold in large quantities.

A dream came true!

A well known guitarist from Serbia, former Yougoslavia, Zoran Vranjes (guitarist from RichBitch) contacted me if I was interested in a Dynacord Cora red/gold ... no doubt about it that I was interested!

So I flew to Beograd to get my second Dynacord Cora!

This one has the sn 12 (although 30 on neck & body)

Usually all the Dynacords are made by Welson Italia, but this one isn't. I've an Hopf Telstar special with the same neck, head, and vibrato. So I presume Hopf has built the Cora's for Dynacord.

The pick-up's and hardware came from Dynacord (pu GTA3 model). Now is the question: did Hopf designed this timeless beauty or did Welson did this part and delivered the tubular body parts??

But now the two sisters are posing together. I even received the original Dynacord bag with the guitar.

And the show must go on! Those are other beauties in my museum.

First a so called fish-bone guitar, a "Gittler" made by Alan Gittler. He changed his name into Bar Rashi after moving to Israel.

The next is an Ibanez "Iceman". The Iceman became famous by Paul Stanley from KISS. Paul played a modified Iceman: body completely covered with broken mirror pieces. This one here is resting in his case after a lot of rough years on stage!

And as you can see: even Ovation had his solidbody's! This one is a "Viper". They're extremely rare and hard to find! Once I had a "Viper III", complete mahogany body, but I swapped him for a Dynacord "DC3/vib" (made by Welson, Italia for Dynacord) and a rare Egmond guitar amp.

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