lordbizarre's electric guitar & amp museum

Here I'm trying to put each guitar .Whenever you know something more and/or found out something's wrong : please mail me !

I!m trying to give as accurate info as possible,but I also can make mistakes

thanks !


ESP LTD Devil Girl red
Hondo H600
Hondo H620 bass  ca 1972
Gracia GG02 (= Hondo EG502) ca '72-'74
Hondo II  EG502 ca 1974-'75
Horuijel EG302 ( = Hondo EG302) mid 70's
Life by Samick HEG5006  ca 1974
Life by Samick HEGB5004 ca 1974
Hondo II  HFM-2 ca.1977
Hondo II  HMM-2  ca 1977
Hondo H-76  ca 1982
Kinor EG-302T
Kinor A100 (Aria ?) bass
Arirang SG bass
NoName 1pu
Hurricane "Stella" by Morris
"Metal Driver" by Sumer  '90's
Sang Jin Industrial Co,ltd  Corina C8 
Turbo Electronics T-16B machinegun guitar ( by Samick / Hondo ?)
Samick KR660 AC  (2001)
Samick SBA 460   (1992)

Silvertone Apocalypse Special

Paul Stanley signature

by Samick 2003

Dean Cadillac 2007
by Un Sung Factory

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