lordbizarre's electric guitar & amp museum
The Netherlands
Egmond 50’s é-coustic, one of the first Egmonds with pick-up
Egmond é-coustic ... posing as a ‘62 Jolana/Lignatone AXA!
Egmond Astra .. or Astra by Egmond?
Egmond 2ES1 Colorado
Egmond Bass 7
Egmond ES Princess
Egmond Lucky 7
Manhattan by Egmond 1961
Egmond Super Solid 7
Egmond Thunder

Famos glissando pu   


Unknown model  Famos by Venlonia

59's Unknown model

Unicon electric  by Venlonia

Magic M3V  by Venlonia
Magic B2 by Venlonia
NoName lapsteel, fixed cable
Royal by Egmond guitar amplifier
Symphonie Acoustic paper logo (latest version)
Symphonie acoustic paper logo
s.a. Schaller pu
(please note the very rare Stratisch head!)
Symphonie floating 1pu mid 60’s
Symphonie floating 2pu mid 60’s

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