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I have this guitar for at least 30 years , but never found out which brand.Nowadays I believe it could be a Teisco '68 EP-1T,although the neck can't be found on any Teisco I've seen.The brand tag is missing,but the fixing holes are still there , with a distance of 40mm(or approx.1,6 inch).

The tremolo,neckplate and the bridge states Japan,also the Cosmos potentiometers(Cosmos Tokyo PR-18)

And they"cheeted"with the pu : only half of the housing is filled,it's only a single coil.You can also find additional drawings on the Welcome page !

Another remarkable fact is that the neck is fixed wit 5(five)bolts,instead of the usual 4!

OK!found a S-60 1963 Kawai(who differs from the four Kawai's on the welcome page:this one has a "semi"-set neck(only two hidden bolts and a glued neck)) with the same five-bolt neckplate.So this one must be Kawai/Teisco !
Only the model number to be determinated....!

This electric carries the brand STAGG , with model "electric guitar"(very original no ? ).And made in Japan , probably in the 60's ( and nothing to do with the new Stagg's overwhelming the market lately? )

Besides the Stagg decall on the head there's also a stamp with : a product of NB . Now my question : does anybody know what NB means ? ( I presume Nippon B.......)

This guitar is identical to one of the Hudson brand,model- "Super Swinger"(and "special made" on headstock too !)

You can find more info about Stagg guitars on :


This ASCO LesPaul copy ( currently in restoration;was as dirty as hell ! ) is one of the three ASCO's I've in my museum : one model 155 acoustic and a Rickenbacker 4001 bass copy.So it seems to me that ASCO only made copy's from wellknown brands.

I'm researching this brand from the 70's : does anybody know something (and can tell me ) about this brand ??

Big news !

found out yesterday that exactly the same LP-type guitar can also be found on the mid 70's Hondo II .The Hondo II HLPJ-2 has the same 3-in-line pot knobs !

So I assume that the ASCO brand was manufactured at the Samick plant in the mid 70's.I've also found a flyer from 1977 with the LP's & Rickenbacker bass copy's(although not this LP copy)


Wanted ( & looking for info about :)
I'm looking for a semi-acoustic "Zh"guitar , with aluminium body , as mentioned on CheesyGuitars (http://www.meatexz.com/cheesyguitars/guitars_ussr.html) to complete my collection ...Anyone ...?...
Also looking for MONI guitars & bass : solid body SOLO and bass BASSUS and info about them !

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