lordbizarre's electric guitar & amp museum

Doina Delta amplifier mid 70’s

Doïna é-coustic black Bucuresti end 50’s sn 582

Doïna Vox copy shortscale bass, mid 60’s

Doïna Cruc green-white perloid

Doïna Sângerat '61 early 60's

Doïna Negru 1965, Amphenol plug

Doina Serenada I, with fixed output cable

Serenada I cupper logo & 2x3 tuners

Doina Serenada II

Doïna Star3 3 pu

Hora Titan Les Paul copy 80’s (second version with complete MIJ pickguard)

Hora Felix 1985

(info from Mr.ing.Bazgan Nikolae)





Hora electric 12 string solid body

Hora Savoy

C.I.L. Reghin jazz

Hora Solo 1978 semi-acoustic

Hora Iris with old electrics

Hora 4x2 red

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