lordbizarre's electric guitar & amp museum

Here I'm trying to put each guitar .Whenever you know something more and/or found out something's wrong : please mail me !

I!m trying to give as accurate info as possible,but I also can make mistakes

thanks !

Aria ProII Urchin U60-T 

Aria Diamond 1803 T

Aria Diamond 1820

Aria Diamond 1420

NoName ; Avora ; Audition and Winner

one guitar but different brands


Azumi V-SL2 Victory series







The Asama EG-6A

Broadway Guyatone early 60's

Casio DG-1 DigitalGuitar 1984




Casio DG-10 Digital Guitar 1987





Casio DG-20 DigitalGuitar 1988

Clearsound bass ( = Aria A200 ? )

Cyclone by EKS Nagoya

Fender Lead II

lordbizarre's Fuji family


Thunderball 007

 by Kawai 1965

Gallan  Japan
Gerrinez Telecaster de Luxe copy 1973
NOBCO          ( Guyatone )            SG-12  1966
Guyatone ( Late 50's ?) 1pu & original case
Guyatone (late 50’s?) 2 pu & original case and with Kataoka Electric Co.,Ltd/Alps pot’s

GuyaTone LG-65T mid 60's

Hudson Super Swinger 70's


Ibanez Iceman feb.'80

Ibanez LesPaul goldtop copy

Ibanez RR150 1983

Ibanez RR550

Kawai S-80T sparkle gold early 60's
Kawai for Regina  1pu mid 60's (with Kay neck)
Kay K-20 B Rick copy Japan 70's

Maya LS-26D B

Maya LS-26DS

Super Astrotone

NoName Mosrite copy ,  could be Zen-On too...
Pearl LesPaul copy

Roland GR-707 synth-guitar

Sakai 2pu
Stagg by NB(?)
lordbizarre's Suzuki Family

- E-21T 1965


- SuperSounds 80's by Greco

Teisco Spectrum-like (probably bass body )

Teisco Del Rey ET-200
Kawai mid 60's semi-acoustic
Westone by Matsumoku " The Rail " bass
Zen-On 70T

Zen-On Zes 1400D


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