lordbizarre's electric guitar & amp museum
Bulgarian (?) acoustic guitar (all possible info welcome!)
Kremona Mustak (early ?) acoustic
Kremona Mustak Double Soundhole acoustic
Kremona mid 60’s acoustic Teardrop soundholes
Kremona or Shipka/Orfeii open book head
Harmonija 2pu Solo (build in Sofia / Хармония софия) 1958!
Harmonija LC (Long Cut) 3pu
Harmonija s.a. 1958!
Harmonija s.a. 3pu early 60’s
Orfeus semi-acoustic
(Orf s.a., unusual head)
Orfeus 12 string
Orfeus semi-acoustic bass  IV-'69
Orfeus Alfabet
Orfeus Oreus, 1972,
no f-holes, prototype?
Very heavy: 3,75 kg!
Orfeus Hebros guitar
Orpheus Rimona semi acoustic, signed Rimona inside
Orfeus Skurril (?)
Orfeus Skurril 3B, 3 extra button controls
Orfeus Simple early model, with serial number
Orfeii simple
Orfeus Solo 1984
Orfeus Bass mid 80’s
Puldin Solo early 90’s
Orfeus Skurril simple
Orfeus SG-copy
Orfeus JazzMaster
original price 168,- Lev
Orfeus "Thinline" telecaster
Orfeus TeleBass
Orfeii Elektron-Bass (ЕЛЕКТРОН-БАС) 1964
Orfeus Plovdiv  bass
Orfeus "Rocket" bass
Orfeus Rocket, sharp as an arrow!
- Burevestnik Bass

- Burevestnik Kitara
Orpheus Borovez guitar
Orpheus Borovez Bass
violin shape & fabric logo but faux f-hole!
Orfeus Violin Bass
Orfeus semi-acoustic Paddle old version
Orpheus Paddle Bass
Orfeii electric Mandolin 2 pu
Orfeus acoustic
Orfeus acoustic Jumbo 1985
Orfeii Shipka 2 (Орфей ШИПКА 2) acoustic bass 1984
Kremona acoustic Mandolin 1964
Kremona Bulgarian Carve semi-acoustic
Kremona ‘65 700 copy
Kremona 1pu
Bulgarian carve & set neck
Kremona Kazanlik NoName
Kremona (Bulgarska Kremona Kazanlik) model 798
Kremona Metal (IronBird copy) ‘88
(Zhelyazo Ptitsa желязо птица)
Kremona Pearloid
Kremona Rozov розов pink dots; nut and roset with 50’s tuners
Kremona é-coustic, pré-war with banana plugs?
Kremona Musician é-coustic
Kremona Mexico Мексико dec.’65
Shipka é-coustic (Orfeii brand)
Gorovladelska cooperative, Plovdiv
2.08 kOhm added pu
Shipka acoustic (Orfeii brand) Gorovladelska cooperative, Plovdiv triple sound holes
Kremona Staff Scale flat
Kremona Staff Scale double soundhole pré ‘65
(please note the different melody on the soundboard!)
Orfeus acoustic гранат (grenade), fabric logo
Kremona acoustic with adapted pu & controls
Kremona Kazanlik model 476

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